August Konstanty count Krasicki (1873-1946)


A political activist and a botanist. He was born in Bachórzec in Przemyśl poviat as a son of Ignacy and Elżbieta of counts Zamoyski.


He completed studies at the Freiburg University and then the Forestry Academy in Tharandt in Saxony. He developed social activities in the neighbourhood of his property in Lesko. For many years he was a member of the Poviat Council of the Lesko poviat and a member of a branch of the Galicia Economic Society.


In 1914 he became an MP to the National Parliament of Galicia. In the same year he joined the Legions. He was a member of the Military Department of the Chief National Committee (NKN). In 1920 he became and adjutant of the army commander, and he ended his military service as a cavalry captain. In 1934 he published in Lviv „The Journal of the Russian Campaign… 1914-1916” (the third supplemented edition was published in 2013.)


A. Krasicki was concerned with botanical science. As a result of his research works in that field, he invented a variety of spruce (Picea krasiciana), raised by schools in Castle Boroughs. He was the president of the Lesser Poland’s Forestry Society. In Lesko forests he organized a reserve (approximately 1 ha) of over one-hundred-year old Weymuth pines (Pinus strobus L.) He wrote articles to the „Arborist Society Year Books”.


In 1903 he married Izabela countess Wodzicka. He had sons: Antoni, Stanisław, Ksawery, Jan and daughters: Zofia (the wife of Jerzy Garapich de Sichelburg) and Elżbieta (the wife of Isham Reavis). Krasicki died in 1946 in Cracow. He was awarded with the Gold Cross of Merit.