Edmund count Krasicki


Edmund count Krasicki (1808-1894), the son of Ksawery and Julia countess Wandalin – Mniszech;
an officer of November uprising. Married to Aniela countess Brzostowska, he had the following children: Michał, Maria, Ignacy, Stanisław.


„Born in 1808 in Bachórzec, the Land of Sanok, he is the son of Ksawery Krasicki, a distinguished major of the Polish pre-partition army, a comrade of Kościuszko, whose memory was immortalized in Mohort by Wincenty Pol.


Edmund Krasicki started his service in the Polish army as a gunner in the fourth light horse battery remaining under the command of colonel Bem. Pursuant to the daily order of the chief commander of 10 August 1831, he was promoted to the rank of the second lieutenant in the 5th regiment of mounted rifles; in that regiment he survived all later fortunes of war with merits for his own courage and Polish character. On 10 October 1831 with the entire army he entered Prussia at Górzno near Brodnica.


Having inherited in 1844 from his outstanding father the Lisko property (earlier Lesko, and even before that – Sobieńsko) he settled permanently in Lisko on the San River, in the Land of Sanok, and lives in the castle of Piotr Kmita, from whom he comes by matrilineage, taking good care for possible prosperity of his peasants. Since introduction of poviat councils, univocally elected by peasants to the poviat council in Lisko, for thirteen years he was diligently fulfilling the duties of the poviat marshal. Still today he is the most respected and popular personality among peasants of the Lisko poviat.”