The Krasiki Family of Lesko Foundation was established with a view to nurturing the traditions and memory of the family of Counts Krasicki of Siecień, with particular focus on the Lesser Poland’s line of Bachórzec and Lesko, which has made the greatest contribution to Polish culture. The Krasicki Foundation also wished to cultivate the memory of families related within the recent one hundred and fifty years to the Krasicki family: Counts Lubicz-Orlowski of Malejowce and Jarmolińce and Counts Sobański of Obodówka and Guzów. We will do our best to take care of former family seats as well as to protect and collect works of art and historical objects connected to Krasicki, Orłowski and Sobański families. It is our intention to preserve the memory of the glorious role of Polish and European aristocracy. The 20th century put an end to its leadership – natural and sanctified by traditions and ages of Poland’s history – but its merits in the field of culture, art and politics should not be forgotten in the 20th century.

Detailed goals of the Foundation have been included in the Articles of Association of the Foundation.

Kacper of Siecień Count Krasicki